London Icon Workshop – September 2024

Icon Painting Workshop
September 23rd to 28th 2024
London, UK
 St. Nectarios Orthodox Church

Join us on this six-day intensive course where we will captivate you in the art of the Byzantium painting technique. During the course we’ll write (paint) the icon of Virgin Mary holding child Jesus. Besides Christ, no other subject has been more depicted than Mary, the Theotokos (Greek for “Mother of God”, literally “God-Bearer”).

Icon of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God

This  “Virgin Mary” icon will come alive before you as the visiting master iconographer and expert instructor, Theodoros Papadopoulos, guides you, step by step, through the ancient techniques of Byzantine Iconography.

The techniques of painting will be taught in a clear and concrete way enabling the students to follow the instructor for an outcome of a beautiful icon.

The course focuses on the art of egg tempera painting.

The schedule of courses runs daily from 9:00 until 16:30.

For further information and registration, please use the e-mail ink below,
to contact Theodoros Papadopoulos:

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Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nectarios
19 Wycliffe Road
SW11 5QR

​Tel: 020 7228 4278

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