Ancient Byzantine Iconography Course 2024

Ancient Byzantine Iconography Course 2024 at The Christian Heritage Centre, Stonyhurst

June 4th – 10th 2024

The seven-day icon-writing course offers two separate icons and tracks for novices and experienced iconographers

It will be led by Deacon Nikita Andrejev, of the Prosopon School of Iconology

Over the seven days of this iconography course, students will develop the contemplative practice of icon writing using the ancient art of liquid egg tempera technique.

The teaching of the technical craft of icon writing will be accompanied by the study of the theological world view from which the practice emerged. The practical demonstrations and direction will therefore be framed by a discussion of the symbolic meaning of the iconic forms, of the materials and of the processes involved.

Surrounded by peace and beautiful scenery, this week-long immersion into an ancient form of prayer and the accompanying technique serves as an excellent opportunity to refresh and recreate your soul in prayer and a warm community environment.


Full board & lodging, single room: £940 p.p.

Full board  & lodging, twin room: £840 p.p.

Non-residential, full board (lunch and dinner*): £660 p.p.

A non-refundable deposit of £250 will be required upon booking.

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