Members’ Work

  • Living Tradition and Iconography by Ian Knowles

  • A blessing and formal opening of the competed church at Ibillin by Sr. Berndette Cook

  • The Risen Christ by Guiliem Ramos-Poqui

  • Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting – A short technical review by Peter Murphy

  • The life of St. John the Baptist Through Icons and the Bible by Marcella Speadbury

  • The meaning of icons and their use in prayer by Sr. Esther

  • St Theordore of Tarsus by Aidan Hart

  • The Iconostasis in the Coptic Orthodox Church by Dr Stephane Rene

  • Embroidered Icons by Juliet Venter

  • Perestroika by Annie Shaw

  • Looking at Icons in Ethiopia by John Clawson

  • Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai by Caroline Lees

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