Supporting and Joining the BAI

The BAI welcomes all who are interested in iconography – either as beginners or those who have experience.  As you will see from  our webpages, there are a number of courses held each year within the UK and elsewhere as well as self-help and support groups. 

We invite you to consider becoming a member of the BAI


The following summarizes the aims and objectives of the Association.

“We offer the BAI as a means of maintaining contact between members and of providing them with support in their work and their devotions. We hope that it might be of benefit both to people who are interested in the use of icons in their spiritual life and to those whose interest is in icons as a sacred art form. The aims of the Association are to establish contact with iconographers, learners, beginners and those with a greater proficiency, to deepen our knowledge and understanding of icons and the spirituality associated with them (including Orthodoxy); to offer a forum for the interchange of ideas and techniques; to offer information about forthcoming exhibitions, courses or other events of interest and to be a means of sharing ideas and experiences.

We produce a Review four times a year together with a meditation on the icon of a particular saint or festival. This includes the historical background and hymnody associated with the subject. We would also value any comments and ideas that you might have, in particular, any material that you think would be of interest to other members which we could include in the Review.    We feel there is a risk that people practising this art form might feel isolated; if so, do join BAI.”

Joining the BAI

 We charge an initial membership fee of £18 per person.  Thereafter, the annual subscription is £15, which is due on 1st April each year. 

 From time to time we compile a directory of names and addresses of members for the use of other members. Under the Data Protection Act we need to ask your permission to include your details in this list. Please indicate whether or not you are happy for us to include your details. Please note that we do not have the right to use this information for any other purposes than those of the Association or to give this list to any outside organization.

 If you would like to join us, please contact the Membership Secretary via e-mail:

NB: Please see the Membership page on this website where you can join as a member. Subscription payments may be made via ‘PayPal’.

General Information

If you would like further or more general information about our work, please use the contact page on this website or send an e-mail to