Courses for 2021

These pages about past courses are included for general information only.

A new on-line class with Elena Antonova

Online weekly class on Tuesdays – 12 midday Moscow time – please check the time locally for your country.

The class will begin with drawing elements of the iconic body, head, hands and feet; building up to a fully clothed image. Through this study a deep understanding of the classical forms of icons will develop that will be transferable to your future icon painting practice.

The class will be approx 2 hours each session. Please be prepared for an extra 15 mins sometimes! The class will run weekly in an open way.

Payment by PayPal: the amount that is convenient for you and your situation.

The class will begin when the number of people interested is gathered – if you wish to join the class please e-mail:

Elena Antonova is based in Moscow. She has taught in person classes there for students from all over the world for more than 20 years. She is a student of Vladislav Andrejev, the founder and Principle of the Prosopon School of Iconography. She encourages her students to become the best icon painters they can be, giving them understanding of the craft of the icon painter deeply rooted in the symbolic and spiritual meanings of the practice of icon painting.

Posted:  November 2nd 2021


A short class with Deacon Nikita Andrejev painting St Simeon The God Bearer
November 15th – 18th 2021

Fee €200 / £175.00

Payment via PayPal:

Contact:  Sharon Seager –

St Simeon The God Bearer

St Simeon The God Bearer

Please contact Sharon Seager to confirm and the zoom link will be forwarded a few days before the class. 4 days online class via zoom with Deacon Nikita Andreyev to paint a complete icon. In the continued absence of in-person courses in the UK Deacon Nikita has proposed an online course to take place via zoom this Autumn.  The image of St Symeon will give students the opportunity to work independently at home in the Prosopon School style and technique, guided and mentored by Deacpn Nikita Andrejev – the focus of this icon will be the faces, hair and hands with less attention given to the robes – nevertheless the robes on this icon will give an opportunity to have some experience with working on the garments.  Suitable for experienced icon painters, familiar with the classic Prosopon technique, the class requires a capacity to work intensively and with focus over 4 days. An icon of St Symeon the God Bearer can be painted either as an exercise on Bristol Paper (250 gms ) or on a board. The choice will be up to the individual.

Participants will be expected to have transferred the image to the paper or board and to prepare the graphic lines and halo, whether painted or gilded, including the red line, before the class.
The Course.
Working on completing an icon via online classes requires participants to commit to giving themselves proper time between sessions to continue to work on the tasks of each stage in time for the next session. To support this the lectures and demonstrations will be recorded and available to review. There will be images and notes for guidance to make full use of during your private practice time. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and to ask questions during the sessions. They can be emailed in advanced or submitted via the chat function in zoom. For those participants returning to the class from other courses given by Deacon Nikita, you will see how this icon gathers the experiences from the icon of St Nicholas offered in 2019 at Hawkwood College and also the online classes where the face, hands, hair and garments have been studied.
You do not need to have participated in specific previous online classes to join this class. There will be the assumption of basic knowledge of the Prosopon technique.
Structure of the days:
The sessions each day will begin with prayers and a talk that will bring the theory connected to what is being demonstrated and painted. This will offer good context to guide participants through the practice of icon painting.
9.30am – 12.00 midday
3.00 – 5.00pm
During the break between sessions you are expected to continue to work on the tasks presented in the previous session. There will be opportunities throughout the class to send photos of your work for critique. This will be anonymous. In the past classes online this has been one of the most powerful tools for study and has been widely appreciated by both students and instructors. Please indicate your interest in the short courses on mountains and architecture in icons.

Architecture 2 – 3 days
Fee €200 – £130
Sessions to focus on drawing buildings seen in the backgrounds of icons – studying the perspectives, geometry offered with the Iconology that is associated with the symbols they represent. A painted study showing light and dark tones on Bristol paper will be the result of the study sessions.

Fee €200 / £130.00

Mountains 2 – 3 days
Another background feature in many icons that often does not get the attention needed to make them fully powerful. Focus on the drawing, the directions and forms of mountains, their meaning in icons. A painted study made on Bristol paper will demonstrate some of the principle forms.


Icon Painting courses in 2021 lead by the Revd Christopher Perrins (Updated: June 2021)

  During 2021, it is there will be residential courses at two locations:    St Augustine’s Priory, Old Colwyn, North Wales, Monday 9th to Sunday 15th August, 2021, and Rydal Hall, nr Ambleside in the Lake District, Monday 8th to Friday 12th November, 2021 (the Course at Foxhill House in Cheshire has been postponed to Monday 25th to Friday 29th April, 2022) and there will also be evening classes in Liverpool starting in the Autumn  (all dates are subject to coronavirus restrictions)

 Icons by Chrisopher Perrins

These courses are aimed at beginners, but those with more experience are very welcome. Each person will paint an icon of about A4 size using traditional techniques of egg tempera on a gessoed board, using the proplasmos technique, with gold leaf for the background. For those painting their first icon the model will be the head and shoulders of ‘Christ Pantocrator’. For those who have already painted this icon, the model will be ‘The Vladimir Mother of God’ (or a similar icon of Our Lady). Those who have previously completed both of these may paint an icon of their own choice.

The courses will commence with refreshments, and conclude with a service to bless completed icons. The costs include all materials, tuition, meals and accommodation (full board).

For the residential courses, to register an interest, for more information, or to make a booking, please contact the retreat houses directly:-

Foxhill House course (cost £495), please contact: Foxhill House and Woodlands, Tarvin Road, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6XB; Telephone: 01928 733 777; Email:

St Augustine’s Priory course (cost £450), please contact: St Augustine’s Priory, Cliff Road, Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay.  LL29 9RW; Telephone: 01492 541 223; Email:

Rydal Hall course (cost £550) please contact: the Bookings Team, Rydal Hall, Rydal, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX; Telephone: 015394 32050; Email:

For more information on the evening classes, please e-mail:

From ‘Church Times’ (May 2018):

The Rev’d Christopher Perrins, who leads retreats at Rydal Hall, in Cumbria, and Foxhill House, in Cheshire, is keen to ensure that his retreats are accessible to people who have never painted before, as well the more experienced. “We tend to start with the easiest method, the proplasmos technique, which is more associated with the Greek tradition, where you begin with the darker colours, layering the paint until you get to the lightest colours.”


Prosopon School

The founder & head of the Prosopon School Vladislav Andreyev and his older son Dimitri Andreyev are considering an on-line class to paint an icon over 3 weeks with a lecture & demonstration each of the 6 sessions. 
To register an interest in joining this on-line class and obtain further information when available,  please e-mail: . The dates, cost, and icon are all yet to be decided.
March 4th 2021