BAI Review (Spring 2021)

As a member of the BAI you will receive a quarterly Review.  Our Review is published for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and is usually at least 40 pages in length. It has interesting articles and useful information for both established iconographers and for those just starting out.  UK members will have a printed copy of the Review posted to them, while overseas members can opt to either have the printed Review posted  or an e-mailed version.

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As a guide for a prospective member of our Association, below is a summary of the contents for the current issue – Issue 63  (Spring 2021):

 Contents – BAI Spring 2021 ReviewSt. George

The Editor’s Message (see below on this webpage)
 BAI Patrons, Officers and Information
 The Editor’s Message
Aidan Hart  Our Honorary Patron
St Katherine Teaching  – Natalia Aglitskaya and Andrew Gould
 2021 On-line Exhibition of BAI Members’ Icons – ‘Icons Emerging from Lockdown’
Anastasis,  Christ’s descent into Hades
Hierotopy; Creating the Sacred Space –  Alexei Lidov,
Meditation: St George                                – Sr Esther
The early stages of an icon                   – Aidan Hart
Day of Pentecost in the Orthodox Church
History of Iconography in Africa  (part 2)
Online Icon Video Courses
Courses – Bethlehem Icon School
Turvey Abbey – Courses and Workshops

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Membership of the BAI

Prayer of the Icon Painter

Message from the Editor

Dear FriendsAnn-Braithwaite

Dear Friends,Spring is really making herself visible, bringing us Joy and Hope, which we look for more than ever this year. May she lift your spirit. May Icons and the Review do that too – as one reader said,  …..  ‘Thank you for this  copy of the Review.  The images included are so uplifting, they encourage me to keep going with my own Icon painting’.  Let us keep encouraging each other in many ways.  Please do send me your photos of icons, thoughts, writings, ideas, questions ……..

The BAI is pleased to announce and welcome AIDAN HART as our Honorary Patron. For anyone who may not be so familiar with him, there is a brief biography in this Review and on this website (see link below).  We are most grateful to Aidan.

Please see:

The BAI Icon Exhibition 2021 will be on-line and will take place in October and November.

Do consider entering your ‘Lockdown’ icon – everyone is warmly welcome; beginner or experienced.

There is still time to write an icon for the 2021 Exhibition, which is titled ‘Icons Emerging from Lockdown’.

We are looking for a new Distributor – to post copies of the Review.

The system is set up already, with a Members’ List and Labels.  Please contact me if you’d like to help.

Thank you.

Wishing you a blessed Eastertide and Pentecost,

Ann (Braithwaite)
Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


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