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As a member of the BAI you will receive a quarterly Review.  Our Review is published for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and is usually at least 40 pages in length. It has interesting articles and useful information for both established iconographers and for those just starting out.  UK members will have a printed copy of the Review posted to them, while overseas members can opt to either have the printed Review posted  or an e-mailed version.

Cover of the Review – Spring 2020

If you would like to join the BAI, please send an e-mail to the Membership Secretary at  To contact the Review editor, please e-mail:

As a guide for a prospective member of our Association, below is a summary of the contents for the current issue (Spring 2020):

Editor’s Message (see below on this page)
Lenten Prayers
Letter from BAI Treasure & Membership Secretary
Byzantine Liturgy                                   Isobel Cherry
Icon – Christ in Glory                             Janina Zang
Byzantine Iconoclasm& the Defenders of Icons            Iakovos Menelaou
Walsingham Dowry Icon                    Amanda de Pulford
From Hong Kong                                   Marina Carmel Cindy
Icons – Pantocrator, Mother of God                Casiana Gana
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman …. RSVCE
Meditation: The Samaritan               Sr Esther
Creation of an Icon                                Fr Gregory Kroug
Icon – Raising of Lazarus                  Francesca Whiteside
Icons on the Island of Lesbos             Ann Welch

Ikonothea, Lesvos, Greece – Workshops
West Malling Abbey, Kent – Icon Retreat
Online Icon Video Courses
Courses – Bethlehem Icon School
Turvey Abbey – Courses and Workshops
List of Suppliers
Useful websites
Prosopon School course in North of England
Prayer of the Icon Painter

Editor’s Message (Spring 2020)

I hope this finds you safe and well. We are all adjusting to a new lifestyle, though perhaps not yet a new routine. May our icons steady and stabilise us as we pray with and work on them during the Coronavirus pandemic. God is our rock. We live and work to His praise and glory.

We pray for those suffering with the virus, those grieving, the lonely and isolated, the medical staff, the key workers and for ourselves – for protection, for wisdom, for guidance, for compassion for others.

This situation gives many of us the gift of  ‘Time’, a real blessing in what was a hectic world – an opportunity to reflect on our spiritual life, our relationship with God.

There were many Icon Courses and Workshops planned but they are now ‘on hold’. Do check the BAI website and with the organisers, in a little while, as to whether they are still going to be able to run their Course.  There are also online courses.

With my prayers,
Ann (Braithwaite) Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


Page date: April 2020