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Icon boards and crosses.

Dal Molin
We are a company that realizes icon boards and crosses.
The icon boards are prepared following the ancient canons and are of excellent quality.
The boards can be raw (wood only) or gessoed (ready for painting and gilding)
We ship by courier TNT or DHL or EMS in all countries with fast deliveries.
We have all the material and products for painting and gilding the icon.

You can visit our website:   https://www.dalmolinicone.it


“The Book of Gold”  by Anita Chowdry
* The best tutorial ever for anyone who wants to make authentic superfine gold pigment for their artwork.
* Based on 25+ years of experience and hundreds of workshops I have given.
* This valuable resource book will provide you with 51 pages of step-by-step instructions with stunning zoomable photographs.
* lots of additional information about using your gold.
* Including a pattern library of Persianate designs.

Available for instant download at £11.99 from my Etsy shop:


Premium quality Pigments for sale.

Premium quality natural Lapis Lazuli Pigment, the ultimate dream pigment of every artist is now available online at www.demairo.com. Experience the luminous beauty of pure Afghan Lapis Lazuli pigment extracted from the gemstone Lapis Lazuli of the best grade,the same brilliant blue pigment that was loved by the old masters and its marvellous use can be seen in almost all the famous paintings of the great artists from 13th to 19th century. It is ideal for Oil Painting especially excellent for glazes, it is absorbed in Linseed oil/ poppy oil, liquin or any other painting medium in seconds and also combines readily with regular tube oil colors. Equally splendid for Water Colors (mix it with a little Gum Arabic) yields smooth brush strokes with glowing transparent effect and suitable for egg Tempera Paintings as well.(more info) It imparts luminosity, durability and glittering beauty to paintings, thereby increasing their aesthetic and monetary value. A pure delight for painters, miniature artists, illuminators, mural painters, Chinese ink painting artists and religious icon painters.
De Mairo Pvt Ltd.

E-mail: ask@demairo.com

Cell: +92-345-8535666

Tele: +92-42-37513569-70


New books of from “Kolomenskaya Versta”

“The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra”
This unique book is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
The book contains works of icon-painters of Laura for the last 15 years of their work. It is 156 pages of beautiful images of classic traditional icons with fragments. The size of the book 335 x 245, the hard cover, paper coating. The limited number of copies.
More detailed information about the book you can see using the following link:


This book is dedicated to the modern Italian icon. It presents the leading icon-painters: Giavanni Raffa and Laura Renzi, Don Gianluka Busi, Marianna Savaryn, Mara Zanette, Antonio De Benedictis.
It is 144 pages of beautiful images of classic traditional icons with fragments.
The size of the book 335 x 245, the hard cover, paper coating.
More detailed information about the book you can see using the following link:



‘Way to Life Stations of the Resurrection’

Available from St Paul’s Bookshop, Westminster.

ST PAULS by Westminster Cathedral
Morpeth Terrace Victoria LONDON SW1P 1EP


Call : +44 (0) 207 828 5582


Icon Boards For Sale. Icon Boards by Miroslav Zivanović

In my small workshop I can prepare a variety of shapes and sizes of boards at reasonable prices. Boards that are curved or otherwise of an unusual shape are more expensive. The boards are of high-quality lime, carefully dried, generally 3 cm thick (but can be more or less, if required).  Means of carriage can be arranged individually; typically, postage on a package of about ten boards 30 × 40 cm costs about 18 euros.

The pictures shows and example of Miroslav’s work.

Contact Miroslav via this e-mail address:  ubmiroslav@open.telekom.rs

or look at her LinkedIn page at:



Gesso Boards by Andrew and Val George

Gesso panels for painting in egg tempera. Our gesso boards are made in the traditional way using gesso made from rabbit-skin glue and French whiting. They are sanded to provide a fine white ground. This is the correct ground for painting in egg tempera. The boards are MDF, with a bevelled edge. Sizes up to 40 cm are 9 mm thick, above this size 6 mm. Our panels are coated with eight coats of gesso on the front, and five or six on the back.

Gesso Boards is a small enterprise run by artists Andrew and Val George, from their Somerset studios and workshop. Andrew George has been painting in egg tempera for thirty years and has perfected this technique of preparing boards for painting, based on traditional techniques. The boards have a fine white finish and contribute to the luminous quality of egg tempera painting. Our panels are competitively priced, and have the benefit of knowledge of painting in this medium.

Please see us on our website, www.gessoboards.co.uk, or contact us via this e-mail address:  info@gessoboards.co.uk


Dylan makes Icon boards to any size and shape specified by the Iconographer. The boards can be mailed to the UK or overseas. The boards are available gessoed or ungessoed. The gessoed board is edge sanded and the painting surface un-sanded for the Iconographer to prepare.

Lime or Tulip wood are used for the board, with braces made in European Oak, all woods are kiln dried and sourced from a small family sawmill in Herefordshire. A board up to 15cm wide requires no Oak truss at the rear. Boards from 15 – 27.5cm require 1 truss and boards over 27.5cm require 2 trusses. Very large boards will require 3 trusses (over 100cm) Board trusses increase in width and thickness as specified in Aidan Harts book on Iconography. Dylan also makes flat boards from best grade birch ply, linened and gessoed, available 15mm or 25mm thick.

The hand making of the boards produces a dovetail jointed rear truss and a border to the front face, called a Kovtchec in Russian or Kivitos in Greek. The measurement of the Kivitos needs to be specified at the time of order , measured from the board edge to the top (front) of the 45 degree slope into the Icon board. The completed wood board can be purchased at this stage sanded all around to 180 grit finish.

Alternatively the board can be purchased gessoed.

The wood panels are primed with two coats of rabbit skin glue and then the linen is glued in place. The linen is coated twice with glue and whiting primer and allowed to dry, then a further fifteen coats of gesso applied. This takes place over six or so days.

See the website at:   www.dylanhartley.com/icon-boards/


Aidan Hart & Co Church Furnishers – icon boards.

High quality icon boards in lime or tulipwood – oak braces – kovcheg – gessoed in stock or made to order.

Please see the website at:   www.aidanhart.co