BAI Review (Winter 2020)

As a member of the BAI you will receive a quarterly Review.  Our Review is published for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and is usually at least 40 pages in length. It has interesting articles and useful information for both established iconographers and for those just starting out.  UK members will have a printed copy of the Review posted to them, while overseas members can opt to either have the printed Review posted  or an e-mailed version.

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As a guide for a prospective member of our Association, below is a summary of the contents for the current issue – Issue 62  (Winter 2021):

 Contents – BAI Winter 2021 Review

The Editor’s Message (see below on this webpage)    SamarianWomanImage
Blessing of Icons at Great Lent
Br Michael of Mucknell Abbey
Icons: Prayers Without Words          Glenys Latham
God’s whisper of love                             Bishop Graham (CoE)
Meditation: Annunciation:                  Sr. Esther
History of Iconography in Africa:     Anastasia Parkhomchik 

Anastasia Parkhomchik (website)

Holy Land Icon Trust- Update Icon – St George        Katherine Alys
Icon – St Michael          Carol Nga  Lun Yeung
Online Icon Video Courses
Courses – Bethlehem Icon School
Turvey Abbey – Courses and Workshops
List of Suppliers
Useful websites                    

How to send Articles for the Review

Membership of the BAI

Prayer of the Icon Painter

Message from the Editor

Dear FriendsAnn-Braithwaite

I love reading your e-mails and learning about your life with icons.

This is a ministry of mutual encouragement between all members of the BAI. Also, do look at the website, which has developed; news, online courses, you can add your communications and much more.  The Review offers another media, with different content. I encourage you to send in your contributions – short or long, images, words, questions, ideas, themes that we could study together…..

For those who saw the ‘Country Living’ magazine of January you would be delighted to see the article about Iconography, which featured Turvey and our own Sr Esther. How encouraging that there is growing interest in this form of prayer and creativity !

New Distributor –  we would like to encourage someone to join us in distribution – getting to know our members and posting the quarterly Review to them. The labels are set up for you. For further details please email me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you are all keeping well and finding the spiritual support to help you thrive.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

With my prayers

Ann (Braithwaite)                      Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


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