Festal Icons – Aidan Hart

Festal Icons


FESTAL ICONS: History and Meaning

This splendidly-produced book by Aidan Hart, all 456 pages and 320 colour illustrations  is now available through


A must for every lover of icons, the book covers the fourteen major feasts.  It is the most comprehensive book in English on the subject.  Each chapter explains the development of the feast and its icon and finishes with an analysis of what became the main form of that festal icon.

Hardcover, 275mm x 215mm
Cost:  £45

What has been said about the book:

‘Festal Icons: History and Meaning’ takes a refreshing and welcome approach, moving from historical context to the renewal of the tradition today.   Aidan Hart marshals his deep knowledge of the underlying theology of icons and their symbolic content as well as their use in liturgical and festival settings through the ages.   Sumptuously illustrated with icons he created (‘prayer without ceasing’, as Hart has said of his process), as well as a veritable museum of comparative images, this new book will be an excellent addition to any sacred art bibliography or syllabus.

(Dr Kathryn R. Barush, Associate Professor of Art History and Religion Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California)


Page date:  June 19th 2022