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Reflection on St Colmcille/St Columba – Frank Reynolds
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Message from the Editor

Dear Friends,

After a lovely late ’Indian’ Summer, Autumn is arriving with her refreshing winds and rain and also those beautiful colours, which are so characteristic of the season.Ann-Braithwaite

The fruits of the growing year are now clearly evident. So too are the ‘fruits’ of Iconographers working during Lockdown. Some of these will be seen in the BAI Icon Exhibition 2021/2 ONLINE, ‘Icons emerging from Lockdown’ which will take place from 31st October 2021 to 31st January 2022. To launch the exhibition our Honorary Patron, Aidan Hart, has recorded a fascinating conversation with fellow Iconographer, Dr Jim Blackstone. This will be available from 31st October 2021. I have been fortunate to have a preview and so I would encourage you to plan to watch this video at some convenient time. It will be on the Exhibition page of our website from 31st Oct.   Please tell your friends about the exhibition.

Another launch, earlier this year, which I have found inspiring is a book written by Christian Artist, Makoto Fujimura, and entitled ‘Art & Theology ; Theology of Making’. He encourages all ‘making’ or creativity as a spiritual activity. Online, there are some conversations with Makoto. The Virtual Book Launch is on YouTube.

I hope you find something of interest in the articles within this Review.

Wishing you a blessed creative Autumn.

Ann (Braithwaite)                             Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


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