Exhibition 2023 Payments

Payments for the BAI Exhibition in Liverpool – October 2023

All icons must be the work of existing members of the BAI.

  • The cost of hanging each icon (maximum of four icons) is £6 per icon. 
  • There is also a reduced hanging fee of £3 per icon (maximum of four icons)

Please contact info@bai.org.uk if you need to pay at the reduced rate.

Hanging Charges (standard and reduced rates)

Standard Rate (£6 per icon)

A single icon  (at the standard rate):  £6

Two icons (at the standard rate):  £12  

Three icons (at the standard rate): £18 

Four icons (at the standard rate):  £24 

Reduced Rate (£3 per icon – for those on means-tested benefits)

A single icon  (at the reduced rate):  £3

Two icons (at the reduced rate):  £6

Three icons (at the reduced rate): £9

Four icons (at the reduced rate):  £12




E-Mail:  info@bai.org.uk

Page date:  June 13th 2023