BAI Review (Summer 2021)

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Cover                     Icon – Theodore the Studite

BAI Patrons, Officers and Information
The Editor’s Message
BAI Members’ Virtual Exhibition 2021 ‘Icons Emerging from Lockdown’
 BAI Members’ Messages
Melanesian Martyrs’ Icon  Canterbury Cathedral
Mural Project                                            Seraphim O’Keefe
Icon – Mary Magdalene
Meditation: Theodore the Studite                       Sr Esther
 BAI Member’s Question – Varnishing
Andrei Rublev
Painting as Prayer  The Art of A. Sophrony Sakharov
Paschal Miracle: Saint Nectarios of Aegina
Panel Painting                                                       Aidan Hart

  List of Suppliers
Useful websites,
How to send Articles for the Review
Membership of the BAI
 Prayer of the Icon Painter

N.B. Opinions expressed in articles are personal and are not necessarily those of the BAI.

A message from the editor of the Review

Dear Friends,

As summer is often a time of rest, may icons help you in your search for refreshment and inspiration.

The BAI Icon Exhibition 2021-2 ONLINE will take place fromAnn-Braithwaite

31st October 2021 to 31st January 2022

Do seriously consider entering a photo of your ‘Icon emerging from Lockdown’ – everyone is warmly welcome; beginner or experienced – see pg5 for details. I am sure you have been busy during the past fifteen or so months. Let
us keep encouraging each other by sharing ideas.

There was a question from a BAI Member about varnishing icons. A brief answer from Sr Esther appears on pg23. Has anyone any more information, please? I will pass it on and perhaps make an article for the Autumn Review.

You may be interested in Canterbury Cathedral’s website and YouTube. The Icon of ‘The Hind with St Giles’ is part of the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series of reflections and was first broadcast on 9/6/21. ‘Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet’ icon is in ‘The Pathways into Prayer’ series on 3/2/21. The icons were ‘written’ by Aidan Hart and Amanda de Pulford, respectively, and are placed in the cathedral chapels. I have also appreciated the other reflections in these series: using stained glass, architecture, sculpture, fabric and living creatures. You may like them too.

I hope you find some interesting articles within these pages. Wishing you a healthy and happy Summertime.

Ann (Braithwaite)                             Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


Do please send your ideas and questions; your writing, photos, news about BAI Groups and Members or about your own interests, information about courses, websites, churches, books, music…..




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