New School of Iconographic Technique

The Christian Art Studio of Ealing Abbey is pleased to announce a pilot year for a proposed diploma course in iconographic technique, starting in January 2024.

Ealing Abbey

This will be hands-on learning that is studio-based and student-focussed. It will use a well-established method that builds foundational core skills, instils the principles and practice of iconography, immerses the student in Christian imagery, past and present, and builds critical analysis and discernment.
The aim is to create sacred art that is well executed, technically sound, engages people’s minds and hearts and draws them into the mysteries of Holy Scripture. If successful, the pilot will be year 1 of a 4 year diploma programme. The course will be taught by iconographer Amanda de Pulford in the Benedictine Centre at Ealing Abbey.
Initial interest has been high but there may be some spaces available in January 2024 or for later enrolments in 2025.
Contact :   for further information.
Background information:
Amanda writes :
As far as I am aware, this is the first attempt to establish a school of iconography in this country which is specifically within and for the service of the Catholic Church. One aspect of interest is the international nature of the new school, which will be affiliated with the Brussels Academy of Icon Painting (founded by Irina Gorbounova Lomax), and several new Polish schools of iconography ( Warsaw, Poznan, Torun and Kielce) which also owe their method of teaching to Irina. You might like to look at this link to see the standard of the student’s work, which is also the standard we hope and expect to achieve.