BAI Review (Summer 2022)

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As a guide for a prospective member of our Association, below is a summary of the contents for this issue (Summer 2022):


Cover                  Icon – Dormition of Mother of God

 BAI Patrons, Officers and Information

 The Editor’s Message

Icon – Dormition of Mother of God

Icon – Dormition of Mother of God

What is Icon painting to me ?      Fr Justin Venn
Fresco Iconography in Belgium      Joris Van Ael
The Transfiguration      Christine Remdios
The Zhirovichi Icon of the Mother of God       St Elizabeth Convent
A Morning Rite of Prayer
Meditation – St Euphrosynus       Sr Esther
St Tobias and the Angel       Sally Williams
Icon at Canterbury Cathedral’s Prayer Station
Orthodox Feast Days August, Sept, Oct 2022
The Transfiguration      Sheila Read
Exterior Murals – Monastery of the Transfiguration       Sr Gabriela
Dormition of Mother of God, Theotokos.

Courses, List of Suppliers
Useful websites
How to send Articles for the Review
Membership of the BAI
Prayer of the Icon Painter

N.B. Opinions expressed in articles are personal and are not necessarily those of the BAI.

A Message from the Editor

Dear Friends,

In this Summer season may we give thanks to God for all the Blessings we receive – and for the joy and comfort that Icons provide.

Articles and Icons of the Transfiguration and The Dormition of the Mother of God are in this issue. The Zhirovichi icon was unknown to me and I found it fascinating.

Icons from the BAI online Exhibition – together with some thoughts from the ‘writers’ are included. This may give you inspiration for prayer and for you to plan writing such icons.

For Prayer there is a Morning Rite and Sr Esther’s Meditation on Euphrosynus.

Further Pathways into Prayer are can be viewed at:

Canterbury Cathedral (CoE) also has an icon in the Prayer Station .  It is an icon of Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  More …

Are there any Icon events coming up in the next year – Exhibitions, Worship, Course etc.? Do please let me know of any that you come across at any time.

I hope that you find something of interest in the articles within this Review and that you may feel encouraged to contribute something for others to enjoy and to learn from.

Wishing you a blessed and creative time.

Ann (Braithwaite)                                  Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


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