Iconographers from the BAI are invited to a new iconography school in Ibillin, Israel.

A new Icon School has been founded in Ibillin (Galilee, Israel). Following Covid delays, the new Icon School has now opened with an experienced teacher (from Greece) and had already enrolled a number of local iconography students.

Much of the iconography equipment that belonged to Sister Bernadette Crook was transferred to Ibillin prior to the setting up of the new school. Bernadette did much work on the iconostasis there as well as creating other icons and frescoes for the church at Ibillin.

Iconographers from the from the BAI are invited to go to Ibillin for one to two weeks of intensive icon painting there.

Elias Chacour

Archbishop Emeritus Elias Chacour is in charge of this initiative and more information is available from him via this e-mail address:


From Sr. Esther:

Ibillin is a “safe” place with retired Archbishop Elias Chacour’s Educational Institutes being acknowledged by the N. Israeli government as the best educational establishment in that part of Israel. His educational establishments involve the education of Jews, Druze, Muslims as well as Christians learning to live in harmony with one another via an excellent education together

If this initial link with the BAI is successful then the School hopes to extend the invitation to other groups of icon painters from Britain, Ireland and elsewhere in continental Europe.

The plan for the school has always foreseen visiting groups arriving from Europe – it is in a way a form of solidarity with Palestinian Christians to visit and to spend time together there.

There is a guesthouse near the icon school which can provide half or full board. It also may also to offer participants excursions to places such as Nazareth and Capernaum (t.b.c.).

The total cost for participants would be modest (Easyjet flights and some very reasonably priced accommodation). Easyjet flies direct to Tel Aviv from both Gatwick and Luton and transfers to Ibillin can be arranged easily.

Please get in touch if you would like to pursue this exciting opportunity.

Hugh & Isabelle Mercer

E-mail:      h.imercer@btopenworld.com

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Page updated:  February  2023

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