BAI Review (Winter 2021 -22)

As a member of the BAI you will receive a quarterly Review.  Our Review is published for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and is usually at least 40 pages in length. It has interesting articles and useful information for both established iconographers and for those just starting out.  UK members will have a printed copy of the Review posted to them, while overseas members can opt to either have the printed Review posted  or an e-mailed version.

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As a guide for a prospective member of our Association, below is a summary of the contents for this issue:

Cover                      Icon – Presentation of the Lord
Patrons, Officers and Information
The Editor’s Message
BAI Members’ Virtual Exhibition 2021-2 –  ‘Icons Emerging from Lockdown’
St Joseph                                     Sr Annette Lawrence
Mary and Infant Jesus                       Alan Hudson
The Holy Family                                  Jaime Barkl
Meditation on Anna,                           Moses Pierre-Paul
The Three Kings                                     Tom Russ
Epiphany House Blessing                                      Editor
Thoughts on the Nativity Icon – Fr Robert Gibbons obl OSB
Feast Days in Winter (some)
Mother of God of Compassion                          Sr Esther
Meditation: Annunciation                      Sr Esther
Annunciation                               Patricia Murphy
Father Seraphim of Sarov – Saint in Georgia
The Holy Family Icon                                              Ka-yee
 The Holy Family Icon -Angela Grace Chapman
 Hildegard von Bingen                            Sr Esther
 The Nativity Icon                                       Veronica Curwys
 Viewing Icons                      Helen McIldowie-Jenkins

 List of Suppliers,
Useful websites,
How to send Articles for the Review
Membership of the BAI
 Prayer of the Icon Painter

N.B. Opinions expressed in articles are personal and are not necessarily those of the BAI.

Message from the Editor

Dear Friends,

May I wish you peace and joy in 2022 – and that you keep well. In Nature, Winter is a time of resting and building up strength for the Spring. So as you stay safe and warm at home, may I encourage you to look at the BAI Icon Exhibition 2021/2 ONLINE, called ‘Icons emerging from Lockdown’, which will continue to be visible on-line throughout 2022. Ann-Braithwaite

I have asked some Exhibition contributors if they would like to write a short article about what inspired their icon – The Holy Family, Annunciation, Nativity, St Joseph, Mary and Infant Jesus, Three Kings, Mother of God of Compassion. I hope that you find these encouraging. Other articles would be very welcome for the next Review. Please feel free to send them to me.

There is a Meditation on the Annunciation(pg 18) and also one on Anna (pg 10) They could be used together with the appropriate icon. Perhaps you may be inspired to ‘write’ your own icon this year. If you have Meditations that you have found helpful, do send them, so that others may be helped in praying with Icons.

May I urge you to regularly check the website for courses – there are some new ones planned for the coming year. Also, if you know of Icon courses that are not on our website, do send information to our Webmaster (see pg2)

I hope you find something of interest within this Review. Wishing you a blessed year and a Holy Lent.

Ann (Braithwaite)                                  Editor of BAI Review (Volunteer)


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