Courses for 2020

* NOTE:   This page is included for information only.  Some courses that were planned for 2020 are now being held in 2021 (or in 2022).  Please contact the course organiser for further information.


Ancient Byzantine Icon Painting Course with the Prosopon School of Iconography

Course leader:   Deacon Nikita Andrejev

Venue: The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst

Original dates for this year  would have been Friday, June 19th @ 3:00 pm – Friday,  June 26th @ 2:00 pm

 >> Deacon Nikita Andreyev’s class in June 2020 is now formerly cancelled. Bookings are open for 2021 via the venue at The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst.<<


Ancient Byzantine Iconography Course

Over the course of this 7-day iconography course, students will learn the contemplative practice of icon writing using the ancient art of liquid egg tempera technique. The practice of crafting an icon will be enhanced by the study of the theological world view from which the practice emerged. The symbolic meaning of the iconic forms, as well as the materials and the processes involved, will therefore all play a part in the practice.

Course level and icon:

The icon written during this course will be of Archangel Michael. Absolute beginners are very welcome.

The class also welcomes experienced icon painters whom have not painted in the Prosopon style & are interested to experience the technique & approach or those whom value repeating this particular icon.

If you have prior experience with the Prosopon technique  and are wishing to continue your practice please contact us at

It may be possible to accommodate different levels of experience on this course.

About the course leader:

Deacon Nikita Andrejev is an iconographer-instructor who has learnt his craft through a lifetime immersion. His father, Vladislav Andrejev, an iconographer and instructor, moved to America in the 1980s. From there, the Prosopon School of Iconography founded by Vladislav has spread throughout the US to Europe and Russia. Nikita studied for years as an apprentice to his father, complimented by postgraduate theological studies in Paris and the US. He has contributed to the development of unique teaching methods as a member of the School’s faculty. The resulting workshop experience enables participants to create and grow through their icon making, developing spiritually through each icon.

Information regarding the course and the registration form are here:

Stefan Kaminski

Director, The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst

T: 01254 827329 | W:

A: The Christian Heritage Centre, Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, BB7 9PT

Iconography Courses at Turvey Abbey for 2020

Course dates for 2020 areThe Holy Trinity

  • May 5th – 10th (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • September 22nd – 27th (Tuesday – Sunday)

These (residential) iconography courses are led by Sr. Esther and all courses include:

  • Teaching about icons and iconography
  • Daily meditation on an icon and its meaning
  • Drawing exercises and techniques
  • Individual and group tuition
  • Actually painting an icon

Cost of a course (payable on booking) and other information is given on the  booking form.

Please download the PDF of the booking form using the following link:

Icon Courses at Turvey Abbey 2020 (icon-week-flyer-2020.pdf)

No drawing or painting experience is needed and all are welcome.

Painting Faces and Hands, at Walcot Hall, Shropshire 

Tutor: Aidan Hart


May 25th – 29th (Monday – Friday) 2020

Aidan Hart

Tuition fee: £444, including cooked lunches (£370 plus VAT)

Accommodation fee: £220 including breakfast

In this course we will paint together an icon of the Archangel Michael, concentrating on his face and hands, although we shall also work on the garments. We all paint the same icon, with Aidan guiding us through the different stages of building up colours in egg tempera on a previously prepared gesso’d panel. He demonstrates each stage, and then gives personal tuition to each student in between. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced iconographers.  A further course will be held at Walcot Hall in September.

For more information see:


or ring 07910 246774.

Icon Painting courses in 2020 (May, June and November) lead by the Revd Christopher Perrins.

Due to Coronavirus these courses have been postponed to 2021
(dates to be confirmed)


Icons produced by participants on an icon-painting retreat at Rydal Hall in 2015, taught by Christopher Perrins

Icons produced by participants on an icon-painting retreat at Rydal Hall in 2015, taught by Christopher Perrins

Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May at Foxhill House in Cheshire.

  • Due to Coronavirus this course has been postponed to 10th-14th May 2021

Sunday 21st June to Saturday 27th June at St Augustine’s Priory, Old Colwyn.

  • Due to Coronavirus this course has been postponed to 2021 (dates to be confirmed)

Monday 25th to Friday 29th November at Rydal Hall in the Lake District

  •       Due to Coronavirus this course has been postponed to 2021
    (dates to be confirmed)

Also, there will be non-residential evening classes in Liverpool in the autumn.

These courses are aimed at beginners, but those with more experience are very welcome. Each person will paint an icon of about A4 size using traditional techniques of egg tempera on a gessoed board, using the proplasmos technique, with gold leaf for the background. For those painting their first icon the model will be the head and shoulders of ‘Christ Pantocrator’. For those who have already painted this icon, the model will be ‘The Vladimir Mother of God’ (or a similar icon of Our Lady). Those who have previously completed both of these may paint an icon of their own choice.

The courses will commence with refreshments on the Monday mid morning, and will conclude with a service to bless completed icons on the Friday afternoon.  The costs include all materials, tuition, meals and accommodation (full board).

For more information and to make a booking for the Foxhill House course in May (cost £495), please contact: Foxhill House and Woodlands, Tarvin Road, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6XB; Telephone: 01928 733 777; Email:

For more information and to make a booking for the St Augustine’s Priory course in June (cost £450), please contact: St Augustine’s Priory, Cliff Road, Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay.  LL29 9RW; Telephone: 01492 541 223; Email:

For more information and to make a booking for the Rydal Hall course in November (cost £550) please contact: the Bookings Team, Rydal Hall, Rydal, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX; Telephone: 015394 32050; Email:

For more information on the Autumn evening classes, please email

From ‘Church Times’ (May 2018):

“The Revd Christopher Perrins, who leads retreats at Rydal Hall, in Cumbria, and Foxhill House, in Cheshire, is keen to ensure that his retreats are accessible to people who have never painted before, as well the more experienced. “We tend to start with the easiest method, the proplasmos technique, which is more associated with the Greek tradition, where you begin with the darker colours, layering the paint until you get to the lightest colours.”

Russo-Byzantine Icon Painting: The Holy Trinity

Tutor Dr Irina Bradley
9 – 13 March 2020
10:30 – 17:30

Fee £385

This course will take students through the process of creating an icon in liquid tempera technique, which involves the use of natural earth and mineral pigments. Students will be introduced to gilding with genuine 23 ½ carat gold leaf and painting with shell gold. The aim is for students to complete an icon by the end of the course.

On this course, students will paint all the same subject, the Holy Trinity. If you wish to work on a different image, please contact us to discuss the feasibility with your tutor.

Further information contact :The Princes School, Catherine Mountford Coordinator, Open Programme 19-22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG +44(0)20 7613 8500 or go to


Introduction to Byzantine Icon Painting

Tutor:  Hanna Ward

24 – 28 February 2020

10:30 – 17:30

Fee £385

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of traditional Byzantine icon painting. The aim is to understand the history and meaning of icons and to gain the skills to be able to draw and paint them. Students will learn to paint with egg tempera, natural and semi-precious pigments and to use clay and gold leaf for gilding.

Students will also learn practical, basic geometry in order to be able to design and draw their own images. The emphasis will be on drawing, which is a key skill in icon painting. Students will be given a step-by-step guide through the various disciplines of this nearly 2000-year-old tradition. This will include drawing from the original design, the use of geometry, the use of clay and gold leaf for gilding the halo, learning to understand the symbolism and harmonious use of colours and painting with egg tempera.

Students will leave the course with an understanding of meaning as well as techniques behind this traditional art.

Further information contact :The Princes School, Catherine Mountford Coordinator, Open Programme 19-22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG +44(0)20 7613 8500 or go to


Benedictine Institute In conjunction with the Diocese of Westminster

Learning for a better world


Russian Byzantine Style Icon Painting Course

Led by Deacon Nikita Andrejev of the Prosopon School of Iconography & Iconology.

17th – 22nd February 2020

This 6 day course is open to both beginners & continuing students and provides an opportunity to experience the practice & theory of the ancient Christian art of Byzantine Icon Painting.

The prayerful practice of icon painting inspired by the beauty of the images, mineral & earth colours & gilding. The course goes beyond the craft of the liquid egg tempera painting technique through learning to understand the symbolism & theology associated with each aspect of the painting process. The icon sketch for this class will be inspired by images of St john the “Forerunner”.

Theologically speaking, the figure of St John, the “Forerunner,” represents a good introductory theme for first-time students. For those that have painted an Archangel or two with the Prosopon School, the image will fit nicely into a growing “deisis” composition along with the other waist-length, sideways-turned figures. For advanced students, St John offers the possibility of refining skills in understanding & painting a bearded ascetic saint, especially the bringing out of spiritual character traits. For those that have already taken a drawing class on this, St John’s icon will be a good follow-up, allowing us to see how the principles, while remaining the same, are applied in a new way. The subject will also be one of the best opportunities (in terms of area and colour) to practice the Byzantine garment high-lighting style which we call second highlight. Gilding with Prosopon’s bole method will be part of the course. Students will finish their icon, as in a traditional Prosopon workshop (excluding oiling with olifa).

Deacon Nikita Andrejev is an Iconographer-instructor who has learned his craft through a lifetime immersion. Following his apprenticeship with his father, Vladislav Andrejev, iconographer & founder of the Prosopon School, Nikita complimented this experience with theological studies in USA & France. As a faculty member of the Prosopon School, he has contributed to the development of their unique teaching methods. Since the school’s founding in the 80s, it has rediscovered lost techniques of the ancient art of liquid egg tempera & contributed to the renewed interest in icon painting.

Course Fee – £360

This includes all materials including gold leaf and the icon board A non-refundable £100 deposit required on registration, balance payable by 3rd Feb 2020 (There are a limited number of rooms in the Ealing Abbey Guest House)

Benedictine Institute email: Tel: 020 8862 2156 Charity No. 242715 Benedictine Institute, 74, Castlebar Road, Ealing, London W5 2DD